Emmanuel Church, Sidlow Bridge

Emmanuel is a small Anglican Parish Church, just south of Reigate on the A217 towards Gatwick. The parish was created in 1860 for local estate workers and the church was built in 1861. Since then the size of the parish has been reduced considerably through diocesan reorganisation of the local parishes.

They foster a strong, mainstream, Anglican musical tradition with a robed four-part choir. Their organ, a fine example of the early work of J.W. Walker, with tracker action throughout, was installed in 1862 and has been historically restored in 2005.

Secular concerts are held regularly throughout the year. They are committed to giving proficient younger musicians opportunities to perform. They have introduced a "Young Performers' Concert" into their regular events. This is a completely non-competitive, non-judgemental concert where they give young performers a stage. It has been most successful and they are keen to continue and build on this aspect of their musical tradition.

A minimum of five concerts/recitals are normally held each year. They are very pleased to have been able to give a stage to returning solo arts, launch CDs and bring musicians together who now travel the country. To find out more, get details of current events and contact details please vistit www.emmanuelchurchsidlow.co.uk