The Barn Theatre

The Barn Theatre, purpose built as a local community theatre, was opened in 1924. It is largely constructed of timbers from a local 15th Century saw-mill barn and still serves its original purpose of linking the town of Oxted and the village of Limpsfield to provide a venue for social events. It now hosts plays, musical evenings and a variety of other entertainments by resident and non-resident local societies.

The 244 seat theatre has a stage 24' x 18' which can be dressed with black curtains or accommodate a stage set, a 48 channel lighting control desk with a range of lanterns and two follow-spots and a 24 channel mixer to control the sound. There is a public address system, a tannoy, a backstage net, a hearing-aid loop, CCTV, dry-ice and smoke machines, a hazer, radio microphones, orchestra stands and lights and an electric piano. To the rear of the stage are four dressing rooms and a fully fitted kitchen and FOH is a bar and Green Room and a sweet-shop.